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Personalize Americana Personalized Flag
Handmade Hand Painted Wood Large
Large hand painted Americana flag sign. Can be made to say whatever you choose. As long as it will fit. Or it can be left plain.  Over all measures 8 x 10",  sign is 5" x 10"and is hung with wire and accenting fabric.
 *Some ideas for this flag would be "Laundry Room",  Family Name,  kitchen sign, or door welcome sign. Also available with sanded face and sides. Matte or gloss finish. Shown unsanded matte finish. Please see our new design at the top left.   14.99 


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New design and options

sanded gloss finish

Suzy Sunbonnet Sign Laundry Room 
Personalized Laundry Room Sign. This is my own unique design. Name is embroidered on muslin with air brushed painted sides. Fabric is over wood, and hangs with jute rope. You can also change the colors of the font and picture. App. 10" x 6" with out including hanger. Font color shown is burgundy.  $24.99  Copyright protected November 2008 Homemade Country
Name: Name Font Color: Special Color request:
Laundry Basket Personalized Laundry Sign
Hand painted and made out of wood.. This sign comes with 3 saying choices
#1 Clothes on the floor are not part of the decor !
#2 Clothes on the floor will stay on the floor !
#3 If you want them washed, you know where to toss !
App size not including hanger 9"x 8 1/2"
These phrases are the strict ownership of Homemade Country, and can not be use in any content. Violators will be prosecuted.  Author Christine Laviner .Copyright laws apply $24.95
Name: Special Color request:
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Laundry Room  Gingerbread
Cute hand painted gingerbread sign for your laundry room. You can customize any colors you want below. Painting is shown with burgundy dress and hearts, and country tan background. In her basket she holds laundry ner baby and stuffed teddy bear. Measure 10 3/4 x 8" not including jute rope.
  Crafter From SC
Custom Colors Optional:

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Home of the Sock Monster Heart Sign.
Handmade Wood Crafts. This is a really cute sign for the laundry room. Hand painted on wood. Your choice of background color. shown here mauve It looks purple but it is a true mauve. Over all 13 inches. the heart is 7 inches. No two can be alike since it is hand painted. If you would like any other colors changed, please email me and I will be glad to do it. $15.99

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Background Color :
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