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Hand Painted Apple Dishwasher Sign Slider
Handmade unique wood apple dishwasher sign clean and dirty dishes. This a slider Just pull Worm head out for clean and push tail in for dirty dishes. App. Size 5" x 5". Can be purchased with magnet back or a wire hanger with suction cup. Please selection below, or it will come with an magnet. Copyright© May 28, 2008 Homemade Country. Pattern pending.  
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Personalized Family Apple Magnets
Now each family member can  have there own magnet for notes, Chores, papers from school, or many other unique ideas. Large apple app. size 5" x 5". Small apples app. size 3 1/2 x 3 1/2. 5 Apples in a set 1 large and 4 small  $25.00 on sale $22.99 Set. Any Name or word can be put on the apples

Apple Name:

Extra Apple $3.50

Color: Barn Yard red
Color Bright Red
Large Apple Name: Small Apple 1 Name: Small Apple 2 Name: Small Apple 3 Name: Small Apple 4 Name:
Apple Green

Wood Apple Magnet Cutout
Personalize this apple magent with any saying.
Makes a great teacher gift. See examples to the left. (Please remember size of apple when personalizing Thank you)  Measurement 3" x 3" x 1/8

Personalize Here: