Will shipping in hot weather affect my candles?

Beginning May 20, 2007 through September 30, 2007: In order to help guide you through shipping soy candles in Hot Weather, we make the following suggestions:

Please note that  we do not accept responsibility for melting that may occur to soy candles during transit.

If possible, we strongly advise you to arrange to have your order delivered to an air conditioned location, such as a business, where someone is able to receive your package. Fed Ex and/or USPS will leave packages on your porch if no one is home which is risky in high temperature areas.

If shipping  your candles via Priority Mail, they should come to you without evidence of melting, unless they are left out on a porch or doorway after being delivered to you during very hot weather (85 degrees or higher). Palm wax candles (pillars, wax tarts) are less likely to melt than soy wax candles (flower pots, containers, etc). Even though we ship Fed Ex or Priority Mail insured, Fed Ex and USPS will not reimburse for melted candles so we cannot be held liable for melted candles. Please order at your own risk.

If shiped  candles via Fed Ex Ground during the very hot weather, chances are the soy wax candles (flower pots, containers, etc.), could melt. Fed Ex trucks are not air conditioned. Shipping within CA State may not affect your candles, but cross country deliveries in hot weather can result in melted candles. Please keep this in mind when purchasing candles in the summer months and specifically when choosing Fed Ex Ground as your carrier of choice. Even though Fed Ex shipments are insured, Fed Ex will most likely not reimburse for melted candles so we cannot be held liable for melted candles. Please order at your own risk..

Regarding our Soy Jar and Flower Pot Candles, During these hot months, we package them in packing paper and then in a box , so they are very snug and held in place very tightly. That box is then bubblewrapped to reduce movement and placed within another (shipping) box. This helps tremendously in shipping in hot weather, but WILL add to the cost of the shipping weight. If you are receiving them in hot weather (85 degrees or highter) not open them until you have taken the box inside and it has cooled for a period of time (room temperature or colder). Do not take them out of the packaging right away as they could be somewhat soft, and you will get more of a mess.

To clean melted soy candle wax, use hot soapy water and rub off with a cloth. For palm wax candles, just wait until it hardens and it will scrape or peel off most surfaces. On certain surfaces where you don`t want to risk scrape marks, use a hair dryer to melt the wax and then wipe melted wax up with a paper towel.