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Hand Painted Chicken Rooster Dishwasher Sign
Handmade unique wood Chicken and worm dishwasher sign for clean and dirty dishes. This a slider, just push in worm butt for clean dishes, and push in worm head for dirty dishes be purchased with magnets back for metal dishwasher or  wire hanger with suction cup for vinyl front dishwasher.  App. Size 6 1/2" x 5 " just chicken measurement not including the sign.  Apron and boe color shown is Country Blue Copyright© May 28, 2008 Homemade Country.Pattern Pending for slider dish washer signs  $24.95

Handmade Towhee Bird
This bird is made of wood and has wire legs. It sits on a wooden stand with a flowered nest.
App. Size 6" X 5 1/2"

Handmade Hand painted humming birds
Flower and birds are made of solid wood cedar. With a stain glass look.
Humming bird size 10" x 7"
Flower 16" x 7"
Can be sold separately or as a set.

Flower $15.99

Hummingbird $18.99 for 1

Hummingbirds $36.99 for 2

Humming Birds Set with flower $52.99